Reusable Organic Waterproof Cloth Diaper Day & Night Pack with Bamboo-Hemp Booster Pad, Bamboo Insert & Soft Fleece Liner -New Born- Croc-n-Friends


Because we know your little munchkin has stolen your heart!
With this fun fun printed reusable organic waterproof cloth diaper, let you child moonwalk to the comfy play time and snuggly nap stint.

Reusable Organic Waterproof Cloth Diaper Day & Night Pack contains:

  • Earthy Lanes Pocket Diaper – 1pc (Selected size)
  • 10 layer Bamboo Charcoal(extra fur) + hemp pre-fold booster pad – 1pc (Selected size), extremely absorbant, ideal for night use or heavy wetters
  • 4 layer Bamboo Insert – 1pc (Selected size)
  • Extra fleece liner – 1pc
  • A Muslin pouch to carry the product

Product Specifications:

  • Ideal size, shape & design for  1.)  S : 0-6 months (0-10 kg)
  • Perfect fit for newborn
  • Organic and safe for babies soft skin
  • baby soft hook and loop to adjust around the waist
  • Leakproof outer layer of 100% Premium laminated cotton. For a mess-free play time and comfortable nap stint.
  • Super soft inner layer of moisture wicking bamboo fleece, keeps your baby’s bum rash-free, soft & dry.
  • Comes along with booster Insert(absorbable, moisture locking middle layer) made of 10-layered (6 layer 100% Hemp Cotton + 4 layer bamboo) , anti-microbial(to keep bacterias & infections away), toxin-free, chemical-free & most earthy-friendly fabric.
  • Also added is 4 layer bamboo insert and soft fleece liner.
  • To further boost the absorbing capacity, use combination of Earthy Lanes booster Pads and Inserts (can be purchased separately as well) for heavy-wetters or an overnighter.
  • Pack also include 1 soft-fleece liner, to put on top of inner layer, next to baby’s skin, which enables parents to CLEAN-UP pretty easily by just removing the liner and wash away the poop and just replace with another liner. Provides mess-free diapering experience.
  • Highly Adjustable. Comes with easy snaps to adjust around waist and length. Can be used from 0-6 months and beyond.
  • Baby soft elastic (around the legs and at back) ensures easy leg movements and provides 100% comfort for back sleeping babies.
  • Easy wash, just toss in your washing machine or hand wash. Love,Rinse & Reuse.
  • Super fun & stylish prints, cab be used as outerwear for mess-free and fun outing.
  • Conceptualisation to manufacturing –  Moms are involved at each steps which enabled us to address all the diapering needs a baby can have.
  • Made with love for your LOVE.

Usage Instructions:

  • Ideal  for heavy wetters or an overnighter
  • Use the combination of booster+day pad(or any other insert) + liner for best results
  • Can be used with or without liners
  • Change frequently and wipe clean your baby’s skin, for a rash free experience
  • Best in the category

Wash Instructions:

  • Toss in washing machine (wash off any solid waste before handle)
  • Or hand wash
  • Was temperature – under 30 C/86 F

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0-6 months, 3-24 months, 6-24 months, 6-36 months

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