Organic Cotton Potty Training Pants (set of 2) – Herbal Dyed


They grow really fast! transition from full time diaper to no diapers is not easy. We are here to help you, but naturally!

Herbal dyed Organic Cotton training pants are perfect to potty train your li’l one. Enough to hold just 1 pee, to avoid any accidents, it enables child to learn leave the habit of comfortably peeing in the diaper and remind them to use the washroom, when it is time for nature’s call. All this with the goodness of organic cotton and ayurvedic medicinal herbs dyes like madder root, turmeric etc. Perfect for environmentally conscious parents who wants nothing but the best natural products for their loved one.

With herbal dyed organic cotton outer layer, thin hidden waterproof layer and 1 bamboo absorbent layer.

Go Natural! Be Earthy!


1-2 years, 6-12 months

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