New Born Bedding Set, Organic Bamboo Muslin – Mustard Pillow, Padded Bichhona and Swaddle – Flamboyant Flamingo


Organic Bamboo New Born Bedding Set includes:

  • Herbs infused mustard pillow with cover, best for new born babies
  • Padded Gaddi/ Bichhona for your lil one to lie on comfortably
  • Softest Swaddle/ Cover which can also be used as cover, wrapper, stroller cover, wash towel, feeding cover etc.

Benefits of Bamboo Fabric:

2 Thermal Regulator. Keeps cool in summer and warm in winters

13 Best moisture wicker. Keeps baby wet free

1 Hypoallergenic. Keeps allergies at bay

14 Anti-microbial

6 Earth-friendly

9 Organic

Made with softest organic bamboo muslin, this ‘ dadi ka bichhona’ set will remind you of our traditional bedding set , which grandmothers used to sew upon newborns arrival.

Mustard Pillow is said to be the to-go pillow for new borns for ages, as it is soft and helps babies head shape better.

‘Bichhona’ or traditional baby’s padded bedding is made of bamboo muslin and padded with soft bamboo fleece, an excellent soaker.

Swaddle made with bamboo muslin is so soft and smooth, perfect for babies delicate skin.

Wash Instructions :

  • Wash with normal water
  • Do not use harsh chemicals
  • Do not dry directly under harsh sun light
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